Christopher Joseph Designs provides design consultation and event planning services for all occasions, including weddings, receptions and holidays.

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My mother loves to tell the story of when I was four years old—an age when most kids are playing in the dirt and learning their ABCs—I was always rearranging my room to give it a “new look.” Fast forward a few decades, and I still have that same desire to make sure each space hits its fullest potential, whether I’m styling sets for photo shoots, designing rooms for corporate events, or doing what has become my true calling—creating artistic and unforgettable wedding florals.

A few years ago, a fellow designer asked me to define my style, and I found myself searching for an answer. Each bride I meet has her own personality, her own look, her own idea of what her wedding should be. I take those elements and create something amazing without being confined to any one style. Casual, formal, modern, vintage—I love it all! I can be the moss on your boots or the couture feather tucked in your hair—and every imaginable thing in between. It’s all about customizing that day to you and your vision.

My goal is to keep my designs fresh and new but also remain classic and elegant. And there’s the answer to my friend’s question: My style is timeless. In years to come, I want you to be able to flip back through pictures of your wedding or event and be just as happy with the look as you were on that day. I approach each job with the same enthusiasm as that kid who got a kick out of rearranging his room, and I want to create designs that are more breathtaking than you can even imagine. If we can conceive it, I can do it—and I can’t wait to get started.

- Chris Hutchens